Let’s enter the Lavie World

Hey Girls!

How are you all doing?

It’s getting cold everyday in Delhi and the weather is absolutely amazing. I love listening to music and going out for long drives in this gorgeous weather. Don’t you just love the cool breeze and joy of wearing anything to everything in this autumn winter season. I enjoy this weather the most and I become all happy happy. I am crazy for roaming here and there, rather everywhere in this season.Recently I had to go for an event and so me along with my best friend got all decked up and went for having some fun but one major issue that I face all the time is – Which bag to carry? Because clutches are too small , boho & tote bags seems too big for a event where you would just need a basic touch up!. Therefore, I finally gifted myself a sling bag from Lavie to avoid such fuss again !
They have a really pretty collection of tote, wallets, clutches & sling handbags available in so many unique designs with party and formal looks to match your all the outfits and go with all the occasions. So, I got myself this pretty little thing in black with golden studs on it’s front. It looks absolutely gorgeous while holding it, giving you a very classy look in one go. Also, I don’t really feel comfortable holding bags that are either too short or too long in length. This sling bag seems to be so perfect to me with it’s medium length and so light in weight.
One thing that I observed in there collection is that they have definitely restricted there designs to a perpetual level of sophistication that seems to be really classy. The leather is not really a hard one, but soft which makes it more comfortable and gives the handbag very shinny finishing and ofcourse, golden chain straps worked best for me!
So, it has a single pocket inside which is good enough for my perfume, wallet, hair brush and sanitizer along with two tiny pockets for my mobile and lipsticks. It also has a zip inside and at the backside.
Check out the pictures below and get one for yourself soon, because this is surely something not to be missed!!
Overall Recommendation – If you’re looking for a fun pop handbags and a good quality, highly functional cross body bag, this is the one for you! Also, they have super amazing designs in there collection which you might want to have a look. Check them out here.
Hope you guys liked reading this post.
Thank you so much for stopping by. Stay tuned for more!
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Much Love

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