Shaving guide for beginners Ft. Gillette Venus: 4 easy steps

Yes, I’m officially a “shaver” now. My Gillette Venus kit has been my handy companion wherever I go especially in this wedding season and now that people around me knows about my shaving habit, they have suddenly started asking me so many questions related to this and my swap from waxing to shaving.So, I thought rather than writing about fashion and styling lets talk about the beauty of shaving.


Starting of with how I started shaving : 

I have been a completely waxing person all through my age until I met my dermatologist for a skin problem I was going through and it literally came like a shock to me when doctor asked me not to get the waxing done for atleast 6-7 months and being hairy for  months is just not me!

It is then when I figured out that why not to try shaving and trust me, it is all myth that is in air about shaving. There is nothing wrong in it. The things we have been listening since our childhood may or may not be true and shaving is definitely one of those things. Therefore, you must try this.

Let’s talk about the kit :


So, the kit come with these three things in it.

  1. Shave Gel: I have tried shaving using shampoo or body wash as well but when I tried this gel this is definitely my pick because of it’s aloe vera content in it which literally keeps my skin smooth.In addition to it, I have really very dry skin and the aloe vera content in it helps in keeping my skin on the same page as I want it to be.
  2. Razor: So, it is very easy to notice when to change the blade of the razor. When you see the blue line on the blade starts loosing its colour, you know it then that that’s the time when you need a new blade. Also, the blade is removable.I don’t have to rush everytime when I see that my blade have reached its dead point.
  3. Blades: This tiny little thing is very important at any point of emergency when you need to shave and your current blade that is in use is dead.

Let’s start shaving:

Step 1: Wash

Preparation takes a while. Take a quick warm shower before you shave, or wash your arms, legs or underarms before you shave so you remove all oil, perspiration and product residue (lotions, fragrances etc) and it makes your hair softer to raze. Let your arms or legs stay moist.

Step 2: Lather

Apply shaving gel on the to-be-shaved area and spread it all over.


Step 3: Shave

Pick up your razor, touch the cartridge’s pad to your skin and drag it along your arm or leg in the opposite direction of your hair growth. You don’t need to press hard, because the hair comes off easily.


Step 4: Moisturize

Once you’re done with shaving, all you need to do is quickly rinse or wipe off the excess lather and apply some moisturizer or any body lotion that you use on daily basics and you are done!

Quick overview or things every girl should know about shaving:

  1. Shaving is completely safe and is actually anytime better than waxing.
  2. Super cheap as compared to waxing – Rs. 550
  3. Dermatologists advise patients to shave instead of wax for women afflicted with certain skin conditions or undergoing certain treatments.
  4. Shaving does NOT make hair grow back thicker or darker.This is just a myth.
  5. Shaving is less painful than waxing, if you’re careful.
  6. Shaving is super quick- you can do it in the shower or just before a party.
  7.  As long you calm your skin post-shaving (with calamine, or a soothing moisturizer), you don’t need to worry about itches or rashes.
  8. Since shaving doesn’t involve chemicals like depilatory/ hair removal creams, it won’t harm your skin.
  9. No ingrowths if you shave correctly! (This often happens when I wax.)
  10. You can shave your bikini area if you really want to and you’re comfortable with it. It’s totally cool!

You can buy the complete shaving kit on Flipkart.

Hope this post helped you with your shaving thoughts or regime. Any questions on shaving? Leave a comment below.

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