Liptensity Lipstick collection by MAC

I’m a totally a MAC obsessed person and for this reason this post has to be one of my favorites.

Lipstick hoarding is a serious disease, and if you suffer from it, chances are you probably started off by buying almost every single shade off the counters of MAC. I basically fail to understand how one red looks different from the other although they may appear visually same, but the very creators of this problem have come up with a full proof solution. The cosmetic company has now dropped a Liptensity Lipstick collection with 24 new shades that are never seen before. Proof? They’re developed with the help of a tetrachromat, Maureen Seaberg who can see about a million shades that aren’t visible to us – humans. Sounds a little supernatural to me! The collection, that even consists of a black and a blue shade, dropped in store.

I tried my hand on  3 shades. Read below to know more about MAC and DatelessGrin.






They have a pretty nice collection of bold colors like – matte black shade named Stallion, Super dark wine shade named Burnt Violet, a darker maroon shade than Diva named Dionysus,  a super dark blue shade named Blue Beat and many more. I got my hand on two nude shades and a shade of red.Check their pictures and review below 🙂


Mulling Spices
Medium Rare


Quick Review:

  1. The color that is shown, turns up exactly same on lips
  2. Very creamy texture
  3. Lipstick is long lasting and even when it starts fading, a shade of it is still left on lips not giving it any streaky effect.
  4. Keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized.
  5. Last but not the least, beautiful bold colors to match your style

Find the nearest MAC stores and try these shades. You will definitely love it.

Stay tuned for more and follow me on Instagram to keep yourself posted!

Love 🙂


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