DIY 1 – Remove your dark circles with Green Tea

Hey everyone

So,this post is again one of my favorites because this is my first DIY post on my blog and is definitely about something I have being following religiously for years now.

As the winter season starts,my skin really starts getting dry and it’s makes me so uncomfortable throughout the day. I’m basically a type of person who love hydrated and smooth skin and when that dryness shows up on face with those bad bad bad dark circles – Dude, I need a way out, ofcourse! So, It’s like the 3rd season I have got this DIY green tea mask for myself and thought to show you girls the perfect trick – cheap and quick – to get rid of the dry skin issue and dark circles at the same time.


Ingredients you need for this –

  1. Green tea leaves
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Vaseline


Step 1 – Take a small pan and add a cup of coconut oil to it.Keep it on low flame till the oil melts completely.

Step 2 – Once the oil is melted completely, add green tea leaves in it.Cover the pan with a lid and keep it for an hour on low flame for oil and leaves to mix properly. For a cup of coconut oil,add 4 tea bags or 4 tea spoon of green tea leaves.


Step 3 – Turn off the flame after an hour, and let the mixture cool down. Once the mixture is back to the normal temperature, take a small bowl and cover it with cheese cloth because I would never want small particles to be in the moisturizer and for this cheese cloth works the best.

Step 4 – Filter the mixture in the bowl through the cheese cloth to get the mixture of oil and leaves extract.



Step 5 – Keep the mixture aside and let it cool off completely and turn into a solid state. Like this in the picture below.


Step 6 – Add 1 teaspoon of vaseline in it and blend it completely and nicely. You need to be easy, slow and patient with it because it’s kind of the most difficult part of the whole procedure to blend the mixture completely with vaseline.


Keep blending the mixture till the time it is properly mixed and then –



So, here is the quick overview of the post :

  1. Apply the mask at night because the oil content in it might get little greasy during day time.
  2. Try and keep the mixture in refrigerator because the vaseline content in it becomes really really cold which helps in the puffiness of under eye area.
  3. It’s texture is really ausome, and most importantly it DOES NOT give any green effect on  face.
  4. It is super hyderating and keeps skin very smooth.
  5. Vasline is so good for skin. It helps with wrinkles, puffiness, dryness, dark circles. Try and find baby vaseline because it’s very gentle for any skin type. Most importantly, it seals the moisture content on face.
  6. Green Tea is definitely scientifically proofed best thing for almost everything. It helps in enlightening the skin internally and externally. So, basically if is proofed that if you keep green tea bags around your eye, it will help enlightening the area over time. Also, the antioxidants present in it , helps in controlling dark circles.

Stay tuned for more and follow me on Instagram to keep yourself posted!




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