The Do’s And Don’ts Of Wearing A Dark Lipshade

Hello Ladies!

Hope you all are having a great Sunday.

About my today’s post – I have recently seen so many girls around wearing those super sexy dark lipshades but some end up being so classy and elegant while some just a bad score,literally super bad! So, I really wanted to share my views and tips if you ever wish of wearing a dark pout.

From Dior to Vivienne Westwood, from Mac to Blue Heaven  every brand that is affirmatively declared as fashion authority on this planet has endorsed the trend of a dark lip on the runway this season. Poison purples, lush berries and wicked reds are not just reserved for your best Halloween outfit, but are now something you should pair with that classic black LBD or with a T-shirt paired with boyfriend jeans. Like anyone, it might be a little hesitant at first to try out this bold trend, so here I’m giving you tips on the best Do’s and worst Don’ts when you plan to wear that dark pout. Check out the do’s and don’ts to help you nail the look the first time:




  1. Keep the eye make up restricted to stark browns and a simple black liner.
  2.  The darker your skin tone, the darker you can go with the lips without making it appear too harsh.
  3. Always prep your lips with a lip scrub or primer, always!
  4. Use a lip liner to avoid harsh and sharp edges
  5. Avoid direct application, try using a lip brush for smoother lines.
  6. Set your lips with translucent powder and a tissue to avoid bleeding.





  1.  Don’t overline your lip like you do with nudes and reds.
  2. Avoid using these dark lipsticks if your lips are severely chapped.
  3. Use the same shade of liner! Darker or lighter liners are a thing of the 2000’s Britney Spears era.
  4. Be caught with poison coloured teeth. Always check and dab the inside of your lip with a tissue to avoid these social situations.
  5. Don’t overdose on any other form of make up, be it your blush or that smokey eye! Big NO!

And ofcourse, latest collection of Liptensity lipstick collection by MAC has to be my favorites when I talk about dark pouts!

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