Say Hello To Fringe

Holla Chicas

How you all doing?  I’m super excited with Christmas on it’s way. No wonder I love anything and everything that involves celebration. I get so much of positive vibes when I see people celebrating their festivals with never ending joy, with the same energy their ancestors did.

Talking about ancestors and 90’s, Fringes trend has made a huge comeback in this fall season. Everyday I see this fringe top in my wardrobe , I’m getting this urge to cut all my hems and trims into fringes, trip down in memory lane to those 90’s, when every girl was wearing fringed T-shirts & spandex leggings. Oh, I just LOVE the thought!


Nothing is ever certain, everlasting or unbiased in fashion.What is certain though is that FRINGES are IN this this season and what’s even greater is the many ways we can rock this look. No. We’re not limited to those 90’s and cheers to that!

Check out the pictures below to see how wonderful is this cute oversized pink woollen sweater, that gives a perfect look to keep it stylish, trendy and an every day look to keep it easy at one go!


Buy yourself this top from here. Though I love love love oversized sweaters, but the bottom line is you can by yourself this sweater as per your comfort. Fringes are just so easy to carry and also, very specific when you plan to style them in your own way. Take it easy.

Stay tuned for more and follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep yourself posted!



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