Style your pants ft. Sonam Kapoor

Hello Girls!

It’s getting colder day by day here in Delhi and with this decreasing temperature, girls are left with very less options in field of fashion. Spending whole of the winter only with pullovers, jackets, blazers or sweaters is something not of my type. I need something new everytime I feel getting dolled up.

Everyone who know me, knows this very well how I love wearing pants and culottes and styling them in summers is the best thing I know in fashion and on contrary, even I get dicey when it comes to styling those same pants and culottes in winters. Recently, I was going through newspaper where I saw how beautifully and elegantly Sonam Kapoor styled them and I couldn’t resist myself from sharing the same with out guys!

Sonam Kapoor is a seasoned professional at acing the sartorial game, every single time.  From feminine midi skirts to androgynous jackets, she’s been there and done that. But if there’s one piece that’s got to be her favourite, judging by the looks of her Instagram feed, it’s got to be the suave pants and culottes.  She’s worn the meeting staple in every way possible, from flared culottes to tailored trousers and paired them with versatile third pieces every single time. Check out all the times she got this masculine piece to work for her femininity. I.m sure you’ll love it.

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A post shared by SonamKAhuja (@sonamkapoor) on

#lalovin #happiness thanks @britsummervilla thanks for the 📸

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In @atsusekhose and @ulyana_sergeenko_moscow sunglasses

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