Flyrobe- Renting clothes made easy!

Hello Ladies

How are you all?

I have been super busy with so many things going on and around, but finally I’m back with so many blog posts coming up for you girls that I’m sure you’ll love and indeed enjoy each one of them.

Also,before I toss my this post I really wanna know are you guys also feeling that suddenly all of your friends are getting married?
Whenever I am on Facebook I see a couple of pre-wedding shoots or some marriage pictures saying happily married. And now all of a sudden some of my closest friends are getting married. As much as I am excited, I am scared about my outfits too. Between all the work, traveling and hectic schedule, I have to figure out how to get my lehengas stitched and I will have to find time to go hunt for the cloth too. I am sure all of you guys will agree that we don’t want to spend a lot on our outfits at someone else’s wedding and specially when you have to figure out so many different outfits, I am going to go crazy!
Most importantly, In a world where fashion evolves faster than any other thing, I know what happens when trends change and especially in case of a fashion fanatic. I know the struggle of never having enough money to shop or enough clothes to wear. What if I told you there a single solution to this problem? And it only requires a stable net connection!

Shout out to Flyrobe

An online portal through which one can rent clothes ethnic, western , any outfit you can imagine for a particular number of days. Flyrobe was started by three engineers from IIT Bombay and has gained immense popularity in the past year.
They have there stores available in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Delhi/NCR. 
They have recently opened its first store in Delhi where people could go try out clothes according to their size and rent it if they like it! They are located in Shahpur Jat and have a beautiful collection. Designers like Ritu Kumar, Masaba Gupta, Dheeru and Nikita and various other designers have found a place there. With a variety of designs, I guarantee you will find your perfect outfit there.
Weddings are on their way and as we know, we girls just hate repeating clothes, so how about we let the last wedding season clothes remain in the trunk and try out all the new seasons designs? The best part about flyrobe is it’s not limited to girls and hence men out there, you have this option available to you to as well!

I have attached some pictures so that all of you fashionable people can get an idea!



Stay tuned for more and follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep yourself posted!




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