Doll Up Yourself This Valentine’s!

How is it so easy for you to be so kind to people – He asked, Because people have not been kind to me, I whispered. 

Honestly, this post was supposed to be a valentine’s post but on my way of writing almost half of the post I deleted all that and now, putting my heart out here for girls whose relationship status is  single and it’s complicated or for those who are struggling in relation day in and out to make you realize that to celebrate valentine’s day you don’t need a valentine,literally! That’s true. A friend, siblings or for the matter of fact your own company is enough to tell you how special you are to this world, how beautiful you are in the way you feel comfortable, how pretty you look when you do that giggle and gossip talks.

Let it go,let it leave,let it happen. Nothing in this world was promised or belonged to you anyway. All you own is yourself.

This valentine’s day, take time for yourself,pamper yourself more and fall in love with yourself all over again. Stand in front of mirror and dance just the way you did when you were a child. It is never too late to find how ugly you have become in the path of making someone else beautiful. Not everyone is as soft and as tender as you. You don’t see the person they are, you see the person they have potential to be.

Be an art that the world wants to see and not an easel with a canvas that’s begging for an art!

DatelessGrin – Never ending smile, hold that as long as you can and life will be beautiful. Your each day will be valentine’s day.

Enjoy the pictures below 🙂


Outfit details : Top & Skirt : Sassafras, Heels : Kielz


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Stay tuned,
Until next post.



2 thoughts on “Doll Up Yourself This Valentine’s!

  1. What a perfect outfit! The skirt is absolutely gorgeous and the shoes… oh my god! just love it and wanted to say you look beautiful in it. Oh and your hair is perfection!


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