Hold your attitude with style ft. Shein

Think like a lady, Act like a boss!


Hey Lovelies

I hope you all had a wonderful valentines. Though I have been hearing so much of positives and negatives as it was on Tuesday, right in the start of week and a working day but I still I’m sure my girls out there had blast. I had the time of my life roving around in pink!

Pink has to be my favorite color of all times. I wear it in all moods and occasions and now that all hug day, kiss day, valentine’s day vibes are gone I need something to keep me going and in that process I came across this site Shein.com

I loved the quality of this top I got. Even though it is a foreign website but it’s delivery is much quicker than our Indian one’s. Moreover the best thing is that, you will go crazy while shopping on this site because they have so affordable prices of each outfit and believe me when I say that your money won’t be wasted on this site. From dresses to shoes, they have it all. So what are you waiting for, go shop some she in dresses. 🙂

You can style your top the way I did or wear it simply with a black pencil skirt, soft curl your hair and you are good to go.

Enjoy the pictures 🙂


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Stay tuned,
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7 thoughts on “Hold your attitude with style ft. Shein

  1. You look amazing. What a lovely outfit. I’m crazy about pink. I live for it. I’m not sure if you read my blog but if you do you probably already know this. I also own a pink blazer, which is one of my favorite pieces of clothing. I’m going to check that store right now. xo


  2. thank you so much, that’s so nice of you. I LOVED the store. It has many things for the kind of style I usually go for, lacy, romantic tops. So many cute dresses too. Do you know? everything5pounds.uk? It’s extremely cheap (5 pounds) and the quality is really good.


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