That Grinning Girl

After schooling,college and working for 8 hours in Times of India office, sitting behind a desk and working on what I never wanted to do in life ever ; Chapter 4 of my life started one fine day – DatelessGrin which I literally wanted since forever. But sometimes we often see ourselves through someone else’s eyes, we judge ourselves by thinking what will people think of us and end up doing what we never wanted to do and being what we never wanted to be.


It was that day when I was working till late in office and one of my colleague walked up to my workstation for a coffee and we started having a random conversation where he out of nowhere asked me – How do you express yourself usually?

The question took me by surprise and I actually had no response. Later in the night after taking a hot shower to get rid of the negative thoughts, lying in my bed, that question was burning my mind.Ugly thoughts such as living life just for the sake of it were dominating my brain. Those thoughts were tidily put to sleep the next morning with the excuse that survival comes first.


I’m probably the most shy person around me. I talk to anyone and everyone but when it comes to expressing about what I think or have gone through I take a step back and stop right away because everytime I wanted to speak something about myself something in me stopped me.This nature of me was drowning me. I wanted to speak my heart out, I wanted to shout and be myself and this is when I thought of being ME! Of being DatelessGrin!!

Few months later now, luckily life has gotten a bit more comfortable. I still struggle to express myself in terms of creating something. While there are many things and mostly friends and family that I can be myself with, I constantly feel the need to develop. In a corner of my mind, I still believe that I haven’t bloomed yet.

This is life.Live each day.Ignore negativity.Be yourself.Spread love. Because it’s only you who is responsible for your own happiness and no one else.

All you need to do is get up,dress up and just be what you ever wanted to be since forever. 

About my look : I’m wearing a Zara dress, Scarf from Incense – it’s are store in Rajouri Garden main market,New Delhi with beautiful collection of outfits in there store, Stocking are from Jockey and my shoes are from Carlton London, Hair band I got from Mussoorie but still, same pattern is available in Claire’s store in DLF Mall of India,Noida. You must check out there accessory collection. It’s fab!

Enjoy the pictures! 


Also, I would love to listen from you girls of How do you express yourself usually? 

Let me know on Instagram, Facebook or comment below. 🙂

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Stay tuned,
Until next post.



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