Holi Outfit Styling and Makeup Hacks


I’m probably the happiest person on this planet right now. Couldn’t be more excited to see tomorrow is Holi. I just love this festival and everything about this day right from colours to bhang, playing in mud to throwing eggs & tomatoes on each other. No matter how creepy it may sound, but I love love love playing Holi this way.

But before you go on ground and get yourself in such activities there are few things to keep in mind, that I’m gonna guide you with. It’s a very sad thing to see girls ruining there skin and hair, having a guilty feeling after playing Holi.



For skin & hair:

  1. Apply oil as much as possible all over your body. Oil protects your skin from colours, do not let colour to penetrate into skin.
  2. Try and wear thick clothes to avoid tan and direct application of colours on your skin.
  3. First apply sunscreen, then oil. It’s the bestest hack ever to save your skin.
  4. To protect your nails, apply darkest colour possible. This wont let colour to stay on your nails and could be easily removed with nail polish remover.
  5. Appy oil to hair properly. This will not let colour to stay on scalp for long.



Hair style hacks:

A messy bun, high pony tail or a loose hair are good to go with any outfit.

Pro staying tips:

  1. Wear sunglasses to play care free and avoid chemicals.
  2. Where a bangle on any of your hand and you are good to go! A small accessory plays a vital role to enhance your outfit!


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Stay tuned,
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