Chasing back to our roots Ft. Mom Jeans

Hey loves

So, as I was writing this post I was going through some of my blog post that have wrote over the time now, and it made me love myself even more. I can feel the change in myself as how much it has changed me as a person. There is nothing better that doing what you love as your profession. I can’t thank you lovelies enough for showering so much of love and praising my work everytime. I plan to do something different I get amazing response from you dolls and this makes my day. I love you all to the core! This means alot! Soon I’m planning to host a giveaway from my side as a small token of thanksgiving 🙂

Coming to this post that is all about Mom’s fit jeans!  


There was a time when mom jeans were considered a fashion abomination. They are unflattering to a woman’s body, and they usually make the buttocks look larger and fatter. The fit is just all over the place. Even for me personally, it took almost a season to finally try it. Yes, just to try it in showroom it took me a season! and trust me, the moment I tried it, it was all over my heart and mind. I’m in love with this jeans so much that I wear it almost everywhere I go, every second day.

Still, I have been seeing among youth that anything bottom wear that is loose and is not of your proper fitting, you’ll end up being a joke.Needless to say, any person under the age of 30 caught wearing mom jeans would be at the receiving end of heartless jokes. I mean, seriously!!! Why?! You should have that confidence to carry it in your own style and flaunt the best in you. Time is changing drastically and so is fashion.

Anyone who knows me closely, or have been following my blog must be knowing how much I love vintage fashion and all my denims are usually high – waisted :p and now, mom jeans have been reinvented and made into something a lot more wearable (not to mention fashionable!).

Check the pictures below to see how I styled my mom jeans!


Outfit details : Mom’s fir jeans : Forever 21, Top: Zara, Heels: Woodland, Watch: Police, Eyewear: Sarojini Nagar, Rings: Forever21


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Stay tuned,
Until next post.




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