Modern Vintage ft. global colours

Hello loves!

Hope you had a great weekend!

I was all over the place last week, trying to manage all of my work as you know,it can get a lot sometimes. Also, I went to a concert last weekend and it was full of joy and fun. Singing and dancing on my favorite melodies always make me happy but I finally found time to sit down and write this post. I was feeling myself in this post, when I was shooting and now when I’m writing.

Anyone who know me knows how much I love wearing loose over sized outfits, and especially when the outfit gives you an incredible vintage look has to be my favorite. I selected this cool summery olive colour jumpsuit from Global Colours.


Modern vintage looks are the most elegant looks as per me and my personal style statement. Thou I know there is no word as modern vintage, but then when you carry your outfit with all the retro and vintage look keeping it stylish definitely give an unique confidence in you.

Check the pictures below to see how I styled my jumpsuit





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Stay tuned,
Until next post.






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