Hello girls

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Lately I have been watching stranger things, and today I finally finished it. Trust me, it was one amazing TV series I have watched in recent times. I have this bad habit to pause a movie or any episode hundreds on times and do some random stuff in between. I know that’s weird. Let me know in comments how was your weekend? What did you guys do?

Okay. Now coming to the post. I’m a big time lipstick person. I love wearing lipstick anywhere and everywhere I go.  I just cannot work without one on my lips, but back in times when I started putting lipsticks I had so much trouble in holding it for few hours in one go.  I’m sure many of you go through same problem. No matter how much nice brand’s lipstick you wear, it just vanishes in an hour or two, which is seriously irritating.

You’ve put on your favourite shade of lipstick and stepped out, but all it takes is a bite to eat or a sip of your drink to make it totally disappear. Isn’t it annoying to keep having to reapply? Here are some useful tips and tricks for making that lipstick stay put and trust me, each one of this hack works.

  1. Moisturize always! Lipstick tends to peel, flake and fade easily if your lips aren’t moisturized enough. Make sure you apply a coat of clear lip balm to your lips and gently blot before you put on your lipstick to make it stay longer.
  2. Use lipliner: Lipliner isn’t just for outlining the shape of your lips. Choose a lipliner closest to the shade of lipstick you’re wearing, trace the shape of your lips and lightly fill in your lips with it. Apply lipstick on top of it. This will make your lipstick cling to the pre-applied liner and make it stay on longer.
  3. Prime and prep: Just like eyeshadow primer, there’s lip primer. But if you’d rather not spend again on a separate product, it’s simple. Lightly dust your lips with powder, or dab some concealer onto them before you apply your lipliner and lipstick. This contributes to the lipstick staying on longer.
  4. Finish with powder: Once you’re done applying the lipstick, dust some translucent powder on to your lips, which works to ‘set’ the lipstick in place.
  5. Use shades with high pigments: Often the more pigmented a shade, the more it stays on your lips, which mainly could be because the colour doesn’t fade off as easily. Check while swatching lipsticks before you buy them and go for highly pigmented shades

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Stay tuned,
Until next post.



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