Sunscreen Series ft. neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock spf 50

Hi Lovelies

It’s been a while we had a word now. I’m sure everyone around isn’t enjoying the summers alot the way we have been doing since ages now. Temperature is increasing like hell, heat is continuously getting pumped up day by day causing damage to our skin. Wearing those hot pants and sexy skirts isn’t easy anymore.

When you think of sun, it is not just about Vitamin D, it rips your skin to the core causing skin cancer or sun burn at minimal. Wearing sunscreen, carrying all important summer stuff with yourself everywhere you go has become so much more important.

Today, I’m much wiser, but not just about the importance of wearing sunscreen. I’m also aware that we all need to be savvy consumers when choosing a non-toxic brand of sunscreen.

Here I’m talking about this sunscreen from Neutrogena when I feel like my skin is oily. So I have a weird skin type. Sometimes it is oily, sometimes dry or sometimes normal. Yes, I know thats weird but that happens.

I have been using this one for about 2 seasons now and I absolutely love this one.


This sunscreen is best for oily skin.

Pros :

  • Very little amount is needed for the face and neck for it’s perfect application.
  • It doesn’t give you white patches even if applied liberally.
  • It has a very light fragrance and that too a very good one.
  • The high SPF 50 – this is one of the main reasons I picked this up.
  • I love that it is waterproof and more importantly, sweat proof. In this scorching heat, sweat proof sunscreens are blessing.
  • It feels very light on the skin.
  • It claims to be dermatologist tested.
  • I have kinda noticed that I tan much less ever since I started using this.


Cons :

  • No detailed ingredient list.
  • Not very moisturizing – I doubt if this will suit dry skin.
  • It has a very creamy texture. Those who like matte finishing might not like it much.

Price – Rs. 499 for 88ml and Rs.199 for 30ml. You can buy one for yourself from here or here

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